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You need more than just sports brace support products, you also need a supplier with 10 years of experience to build your brand. 96% of our customers have increased their profits by at least 18%, and some by 45% so far. Let Cosybrace help you achieve business success.
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Items in stock will be shipped within 24 hours.

1 - 1,000 brace support instant quotes.

We support the way of supply of drop shipping.

CE, ISO9001, ISO13485, FDA, RoHS

Sports Brace support wholesale style complete

No matter what style of brace support you want, we can design and make it. We have a wealth of experience and advanced technical equipment. This makes us proud to differentiate our products from most brace support manufacturers in the market.

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Quick Custom Samples

Cosybrace receives a product that needs to be sampled, we will communicate the details with you first and arrange for samples quickly.
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High Quality Production

After receiving your order we communicate with you and arrange the production. We are always maintain high quality work attitude.
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Reliable After Sales

After you receive the goods, you don’t have to worry about any after-sales problems at all. We attach great importance to your satisfaction and service experience.

General Application For Cosybrace

We are supplier of sports brace support. There are many types of brace support, each with hundreds of styles and colors. Here you can find the most complete variety of brace support.

Our Products

Cosybrace brand has several lines of products that cover auxiliary products such as medical compression stockings in addition to sports brace support.
14 rigorous inspection procedures to ensure the quality of the brace support delivered to you.
We keep coming out with new products in line with the times and market demands.
Shoulder Brace 15
Shoulder Brace
Abdomen Brace 4
Pregnancy band
Waist Brace 14
Waist Braces
Waist Brace 7
Waist Braces
Abdomen Brace 3
maternity belt
Elbow Brace 11
Elbow Brace
Ankle Brace
Ankle Brace
Abdomen Brace 8
abdominal binder
Knee Brace 9
Knee Braces
Wrist Brace
Wrist Brace
Abdomen Brace 7
Postpartum Belt
Back Brace 6
Back Brace

Cosybrace service can be trusted

No need to keep on the path of searching for brace support suppliers. cosybrace’s goal is to make your order-to-delivery fast. All the processes in between, our consultants will help you throughout the trade progress, including trade, logistics, customs clearance and some other things.
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OEM/ODM Service
Whatever design and change you want to make on brace support. Our engineers are all supportive.
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Extensive Manufacturing Capabilities
We have extensive manufacturing capabilities and support small batch and sample production.
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We support Low MOQ if you want wholesale brace support and also support dropshipping.

Why Choose Cosybrace? is a brand of Hebei Youjie Medical Devices Co., Ltd., which is certified by CE, ISO, FDA, ROHS, etc. We have 10 years of experience in brace support production.
Adequate Inventory

We have several production lines and a good supply of products.

Quality Document

We can provide quality documents such as certificates of conformity.


Our quality management system is ISO certified.

Inspection Process

All brace support is subjected to a 14-step scrutiny process.

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Professional Manufacture
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Factory Direct
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Customer Satisfaction
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Quick Quote
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Complete Variety
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Quality Certification
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Service Quality
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Customized On Demand
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Quality Assurance
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Certification Report
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Reasonable Price

Customer Testimonials from 153 Countries

Cosybrace Standard

Guaranteed Quality, Every Time
Dimensions Tolerances

We manufacture products that adhere to dimensional and tolerance implementation standards.

Precision Machining

The brace supports we manufacture follow precision machining and strict processing.

Quality Certification

We can provide quality certifications such as certificates of conformity and material certificates.

Certification Documents

Our products are ISO certified by quality system and quality is guaranteed. ISO9001, ISO13485, etc.

After Sales Guarantee

There is no need to worry about after-sales for the purchased products, we provide you with 7/24 guarantee.

Inspection Process

The brace support produced has 14 inspection processes to ensure product quality.

Wholesale Sports Brace Support FAQ

Cosybrace has been wholesale brace support for 10 years. We encounter all kinds of questions, the following are the most important questions for our customers before closing the deal.
What is the MOQ?

MOQ is different for each product, please contact us for more information. Some products MOQ 1 piece.

Can you help print instruction manual?

Yes, we can. All you need to do is send us the instruction document.

What are the shipping methods?

We have strong cooperation with DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, EMS, China AirPort to deliver the goods safely and timely. Also, you can choose your own shipping forward.

How do I price?

This quotation is FOB reference price. Please contact us according to your requirements. If it is your own style, it is better to provide a physical sample so that we can calculate the exact price.

What is the timing of mass production?

Honestly, it depends on the number of orders and the season in which you place them. Based on general order, it usually takes 10-30 days.

Can you add my Logo on products?

Yes, we could add your logo or label on the products as your design. We offer silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing, rubber logo pad and embroidery.

What are the payment methods?

L/C, T/T, D/P, Paypal, credit card, and Western union.

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How long to deliver?

The delivery time of Sample order is within 24 hours, and 7-15 days for bulk production.

Can I visit the factory?

Of course, if it is necessary, we will prepare everything in advance. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or anything we can do for you.

Can the color of brace support be customized?

Yes. We have the usual colors, black, white, pink, gray, blue, etc. We can also customize special colors.

What is the package?

Normally packed with polybag, we can also customize color box according to your demand.

How many days will I receive sample?

Samples are usually received in about a week.

Which of your products sell well?

All brace supports are very popular, but not the same in every market. In Russia our abdomen brace line of pregnancy belly support is very popular. Contact our consultants for the latest resources.

How is the after-sales service?

We take customer satisfaction very seriously and you can contact us with any questions you may have. Cosybrace is your right-hand man to boost your brand profits.

Cosybrace Services

Our factory is very specialized in providing OEM and ODM service according to customers’ requirements (including product design, material, color, size, packing, logo, etc)
Free Design Service
Free Design Service
Free Sample Service
Free Sample Service
Bulk Order Producing
Bulk Order Producing
Computer Double Needle
Computer Double Needle
Tape Cutting
Hot Press
Hot Press
Rubber Logo
Rubber Logo
Heat Transfer Logo
Heat Transfer Logo
Knitted Logo
Knitted Logo
Woven Logo
Woven Logo
PVC Logo
PVC Logo
Heat Press Logo
Heat Press Logo
Opp bag
Opp bag
PE bag
PE bag
Zipper Bag
Zipper Bag
nylon bag
nylon bag
paper box
paper box
pvc box
pvc box

Start earning great profits in your country now!

Brace support wholesale is easy. Cosybrace has helped customers in over 150 countries and territories to succeed and reap the benefits. We also welcome you to become the exclusive distributor in your country. Click the button below and let’s develop your brand together.
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Pink Ankle Brace
Pink Knee Brace
Pink Calf Knee Brace
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