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Abdomen Brace
Hi, I'm Mack. This page shows our products and complete service system.

I have been running a abdomen brace factory in China for 10 years. I will provide you with the perfect solution to any problem. Here you can communicate directly with the designer and easily solve your custom product needs.

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Why Choose Cosybrace.com

We take customer satisfaction very seriously, 1 contact = 100% service satisfaction. Our brand provides a good service experience for our customers.
We integrate traditional products with global thinking, maintain close cooperation with users and researchers, and have several patented technologies. As always, we strive to maintain a high level of qualification.
We strictly select materials to avoid any toxic substances that may bring potential harm to human health, and ISO certification ensures that the quality is strictly verified and qualified to protect the health of our customers.
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Cosybrace.com is not only in the wholesale business of abdomen brace, but also sells a lot of other sports protective braces products. These are the products that some of our customers like.
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Multiple Abdomen Brace

Our abdomen brace has Pregnancy belly band, Postpartum recovery belt and Waist trainer.

Multiple Scenarios

Our products are suitable for different scenarios, there are products for maternity and postpartum, as well as sports neoprene slimming band series.

Multiple Colors

Our engineers never run out of ideas to create different designs and beautiful colors.

Our engineers and customer personnel will provide you with authoritative answers in terms of products and business.
We are also willing to communicate, cooperate and discuss with you a concept of joint market development.

With Our Coordinated Partners

We provide environmentally friendly materials, high quality products, and perfect after-sales service. Cosybrace.com creates not just a product, but a trust in quality and a healthy life!
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Wholesale abdomen brace price

All funds paid to Cosybrace for the purchase of its products are safe. The following is a summary of the fees you will incur:
Scheme Fee

For a small fee, you can implement any design you want for your abdomen brace product. Talk to our engineers.

Samples Fee

Some of our samples are offered free of charge. We charge a very small fee for some complicated samples.

Comprehensive Fee

Any other costs related to taxes, service charges, penalties and late fees are incurred during the transportation of goods. They are usually less costly.

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Shipping Fee

We offer a wide range of shipping methods. The amount you pay will transport the product directly from the factory to your doorstep. Cosybrace offers you a variety of facilities.

T/T Fee

You are free to pay the full amount or pay 30% of the full amount for wholesale abdomen brace.

Final Fee

70% of the remaining amount is completed within a certain period of time and you receive the ordered products.

Cosybrace.com Fine And Detailed Product Line

Cosybrace is your premium supplier for achieving sales skyrocket.

Quality Control

Quality inspection of fabrics

CNC Machine

Computer-controlled cutting of materials

Automatic Cutting

Specification of cutting material

Sewing Machine

Used to make abdomen brace

Logo Printing

Support a variety of ways to add logos

Thermal Transfer Printing

Support a variety of ways to add logos


Room for displaying samples


Finished products

Estimated Manufacturing and Shipping

We work fast. Delivery time depends on the custom product. Let’s take a look at the whole process of manufacturing and shipping:
Design and Manufacturing

An engineer will discuss the design of the product with you and implement the manufacturing.

Sampling and Packing

We will sample the products and pack the products that pass the test.

Loading and Shipping

Packed goods are loaded and transported to the designated port.

Transportation and Distribution

Transported to your area and delivered directly to your doorstep.

The whole process of making abdomen brace

That’s all we do when we do wholesale abdomen brace:
ankle brace machine 2
Determine product styles and materials, purchase raw materials, and make molds.
After the samples are confirmed to be correct, we start making mass production.
Sampling and testing to make sure there is no problem with the product.
Verify the quantity size and color of the products, and pack the boxes.
Products start to be shipped and delivered directly to your doorstep.

You need to know about wholesale abdomen brace

In order to save your worries, here are some things you need to know about abdomen brace.
Can you make the exact product I want?

Yes. We are a manufacturer and welcome OEM/ODM. You can send us the sample, pictures, or ideas about the exact product you want. We can make the sample for you.

Can you add my logo to the products?

Yes, we could add your logo or label on the products as your design. We offer silkscreen printing, thermal transfer printing, rubber logo pad, and embroidery, etc.

How to get a sample?

For stock products, samples will be free, you only pay for freight.

Do you have MOQ for your products?

MOQ is different for each product, please contact us for more information.

Our manufacturing capabilities?

We are the factory of abdomen brace with very extensive manufacturing capabilities and support mass production. We pride ourselves on being a manufacturer of complex processes or highly aesthetically pleasing products.

What products does abdomen brace have?

Cosybrace is a abdomen brace company in China. Wholesale maternity support brace; postpartum abdominal binder; sweat slimming belt; body shaper waist trainer etc. Our products include, but are not limited to, those listed on this website.

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