Cosybrace is one of the top 10 suppliers in China and the preferred manufacturer of brace support customization worldwide.

Who is is a brand of Hebei Youjie Medical Devices Co., Ltd., established in 2014. It is an enterprise approved by the Hebei Provincial Medical Administration for production and sales.
As a manufacturer of sports protective braces, Cosybrace has a high level of awareness of the quality of our products. We have certifications such as CE, ISO, FDA, ROHS, etc. The materials, technology and requirements of sports braces we keep up with the times.
We see a lot of factories and wholesalers in the international today. However, the level of their craftsmanship is still a few years old.
In fact, the production equipment of sports braces has been upgraded in recent years, and we hope that our advanced technology can inject fresh blood into this market.
We offer factory prices for quick proofing. OEM and ODM services. You need a capable supplier.
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We are proud of our figures. The wholesale business of sports protective braces has never been easy, but we have enough confidence in our own products.
These figures have witnessed our development in the international market. Would you like to be our business partner?
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You can choose to be our exclusive distributor. After signing the agreement, you will become the only importer in the local market. Our high quality sports protective braces and a series of peripheral products will only be sold to you.
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Millions of body shape data collection, visit tens of thousands of users, thousands of design adjustments, only to better fit the natural shape of the human body.
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Cosybrace has been in the sports protective braces wholesale business in China for 10 years, and is a professional sports braces support industry manufacturer.