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Hi, I'm Mack. This page shows our products and complete service system.

I have been running sports brace support factory in China for 10 years. I will provide you with the perfect solution to any problem. Here you can communicate directly with the designer and easily solve your custom product needs.

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We take customer satisfaction very seriously, 1 contact = 100% service satisfaction. Our brand provides a good service experience for our customers.
With 10 years of experience, Cosybrace.com is very proficient in this field. We insist on using innovative efforts, as always, to maintain a high level of qualification.
Factory tour? No problem. Due to the impact of COVID-19, we cannot inspect the factory for the time being. When COVID-19 is over, you are more than welcome to come to China and discuss business development together.
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Cosybrace.com is not only in the wholesale business of sports brace support, but also sells a lot of other sports protective braces products. These are the products that some of our customers like.

Our Products

The materials used in our products are safe and non-toxic.
We have thousands of styles, materials, colors, etc. to choose from.
We can make any kind of material:
Just tell us the material and style you need, and we can arrange a quick proof for you for free. We can add logo style for you for free.
Shoulder Brace 5
Shoulder Brace
Abdomen Brace 12
waist trainer
Back Brace 1
Back Brace
Ankle Brace 11
Ankle Brace
Abdomen Brace11
sweat belt
Elbow Brace
Elbow Brace
Waist Brace 12
Waist Braces 1
Abdomen Brace 1
maternity belt
Knee Brace
Knee Braces
Waist Brace 11
Waist Braces 2
Abdomen Brace 2
belly support
Wrist Brace
Wrist Brace

With Our Coordinated Partners

We provide environmentally friendly materials, high quality products, and perfect after-sales service. Cosybrace.com creates not just a product, but a trust in quality and a healthy life!
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Wholesale brace support price

All funds paid to Cosybrace for the purchase of its products are safe. The following is a summary of the fees you will incur:
Scheme Fee

For a small fee, you can implement any design you want for your brace support product. Talk to our engineers.

Samples Fee

Some of our samples are offered free of charge. We charge a very small fee for some complicated samples.

Comprehensive Fee

Any other costs related to taxes, service charges, penalties and late fees are incurred during the transportation of goods. They are usually less costly.

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Shipping Fee

We offer a wide range of shipping methods. The amount you pay will transport the product directly from the factory to your doorstep. Cosybrace offers you a variety of facilities.

T/T Fee

You are free to pay the full amount or pay 30% of the full amount for wholesale sports brace support.

Final Fee

70% of the remaining amount is completed within a certain period of time and you receive the ordered products.

Important Certificates For Wholesale

Introducing three common types of certificates:

CE indicates compliance with a range of European requirements for safety, hygiene, environmental protection and consumer protection.


RoHS is mainly used to regulate materials and process standards to make them more conducive to human health and environmental protection.


The primary purpose of the FDA is to ensure the safety of products manufactured or imported into the United States.

We have more than 50 kinds of certificates. If your area requires a special certificate, we will make an application to ensure that the goods can be shipped to you safely.

Estimated Manufacturing and Shipping

We work fast. Delivery time depends on the custom product. Let’s take a look at the whole process of manufacturing and shipping:
Design and Manufacturing

An engineer will discuss the design of the product with you and implement the manufacturing.

Sampling and Packing

We will sample the products and pack the products that pass the test.

Loading and Shipping

Packed goods are loaded and transported to the designated port.

Transportation and Distribution

Transported to your area and delivered directly to your doorstep.

The whole process of making brace support

That’s all we do when we do wholesale brace support:

Brace Support Machine 1
Determine product styles and materials, purchase raw materials, and make molds.
After the samples are confirmed to be correct, we start making mass production.
Sampling and testing to make sure there is no problem with the product.
Verify the quantity size and color of the products, and pack the boxes.
Products start to be shipped and delivered directly to your doorstep.

You need to know about wholesale Brace Support

In order to save your worries, here are some things you need to know about brace support.
How do I place an order?

Please contact us at cosy@cosybrace.com. Our sales representative will get back to you and answer your questions regarding pricing, detailed product specifications, sample information, etc.

Resolving quality issues?

If your order does not meet specifications, you can raise any issues within 5 business days of receiving brace support. Our team will resolve these issues as soon as possible, usually within 1-3 business days.

What are the materials of brace support?

Generally available: Nylon, Cotton, Elastic Band, 3D Knit, OK Fabric, Spandex, Neoprene, Fish Mesh Fabric, Sandwich Fabric, Polyamide Fibre. Special materials can also be customized.

Can you do customized color box?

Yes, we can. For design or further discussion, it is best to contact us via Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, Email, WhatsApp or other instant methods to prevent delays.

Our manufacturing capabilities?

We are the factory of brace support with very extensive manufacturing capabilities and support mass production. We pride ourselves on being a manufacturer of complex processes or highly aesthetically pleasing products.

What products and services are offered?

Cosybrace is a brace support company in China. Wholesale Waist Brace, Back Brace, Shoulder Brace, Knee Brace, Ankle Brace, Wrist Brace, Elbow Brace, Abdomen Brace etc. Our products include, but are not limited to, those listed on this website.

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