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How to choose the right sports brace support for yourself

If you are not careful when playing sports, you will be injured, so how to choose the right sports brace for yourself?
The most vulnerable parts of the human body are the joints, such as wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles, waists, backs, necks, etc. Sports braces are designed specifically for different body parts, so choose the right brace for your injury according to the part you have.
Pink Waist Brace

After sales icon Warmth and Breathability of Sports Support Braces

These two seemingly conflicting characteristics reveal the importance of the dialectic, where you have me and I have you. Warmth is to make the body in the non-exercise state will not easily lose heat, so that the parts that need to be protected are less likely to be injured and can recover better.

At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure breathability, because the movement is bound to sweat, good breathability so that sweat can be quickly discharged so that the wrapped parts can be dry and comfortable.

Good brace support is like a second layer of skin, not only has a good sweating effect but also can keep the body surface of the water will not be excessive evaporation loss, to prevent body water loss or even dehydration, insulation effect is also first-class, can let you have a very good state of sports, in the recovery can be more comfortable.

Wearing elbow braces

After sales icon Compressibility and Support of Sports Braces

Good brace support has a very professional design, bending arc design to fit the protective part, three-dimensional cut, with the stretchability of the brace support and Velcro adjustment, without losing the protection at the same time, to improve the strength and stability of the wrapped muscles, but also to ensure that the wearing part has very good flexibility.

In some braces support that requires special protection, metal springs that can be bent and elastic are added to strengthen the support, which can help protect the parts in the process of frequent movement and maintain the stability of the joints, and impact absorption function. The possibility of injury due to improper force or overfatigue is reduced.

The overall comfortable coverage and good support performance provide better protection for the once-injured parts and effectively avoid the occurrence of second-degree injuries.

Wearing Knee Braces

After sales icon Protective and Recovery Properties of Sports Braces Support

This is also the most important use of support braces, protective gear on the pressure of muscle pressure transformation can reduce pain, promote metabolism, enhance athletic function, enhance the stability of the joints, have a good corrective effect on the injury site, to prevent re-injury.

Soft fabric with a unique weave, unique ductility, and excellent breathability, can produce pressure with medical effects, is comfortable to wear, accelerate the absorption of swelling and bruising, improve athletic function, and can quickly discharge moisture, which is very important for recovery.

Wearing Ankle Braces


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