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What to look for when choosing a lumbar belt

Waist belts can protect the waist, relieve pain, and can also be used for warmth. For sports people, sports lumbar belt can avoid lumbar injury; for the elderly, self-heating lumbar belt can relieve lumbar disease; and for women, electric lumbar belt is both warmth and health care. So how to choose a lumbar belt?
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Sports Waist Belt

Sports lumbar belt can provide auxiliary support to the waist during exercise, effectively avoiding accidental injury in sports, but also avoiding the aggravation of the lumbar injury.

Advantages: when exercising, apply some pressure to the muscles, and adjust the balance of forces to avoid lumbar injury.

Disadvantages: often wearing sports lumbar belt will make the core strength not exercised, affecting the effect of exercise.

Suitable for people: suitable for sports people, especially those with lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc protrusion, and other diseases.

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Self-Heating Belt

Self-heating belt is the main component of the Tomalin, with no heat source or power, through the tourmaline and body contact heat.

Advantages: the body can improve microcirculation, relieve fatigue, and improve sleep, and other regulatory effects.

Disadvantages: there is a certain amount of radiation, not suitable for prolonged continuous use, and the need to use close to the body, more trouble.

Suitable for the crowd: suitable for patients with lumbar spine disease, especially the elderly.

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Electric heating waist belt

Electric waist belts, mainly carbon fiber heating wire made of heaters, connected to the power can be heated, can also be added to the wormwood package, sea salt package, etc. to play a health care effect.

Advantages: has a warming effect, but also has a certain health effect, can improve the waist disease, improve physical flexibility.

Disadvantages: not suitable for prolonged use.

Suitable for the crowd: suitable for the body cold, waist need to keep warm people, especially women.

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Waist Belt Support Purchase Details

Belt strength adjustable: choose lumbar belt, to have sufficient strength and can be easily adjusted, so that when wearing can be adjusted according to their own body type, waist size, and disease conditions to correspond to give the lumbar spine stable support and protection, effectively limit over-extension, excessive bending, rotation, and other movements.

Fit lumbar curvature: a good lumbar belt, to adapt to the human waist shape and posture, to give the lumbar spine enough strength compensation. Proper fit, and strong strength compensation, can take the strain of the lumbar back muscles to help and rest, to promote the recovery of the lumbar back muscle strength and skills.

Belt width is appropriate: lumbar belt in the human abdomen to be narrower, in order to facilitate sitting or bending, while avoiding the formation of pressure on the lumbar intervertebral disc due to tightening after the abdominal pressure rises and affects the rehabilitation effect of the lumbar disc.

Fabric breathable and thin: thin breathable fabric waist belt to facilitate the skin breathable, so as not to wear in the process of sweltering breathable, sweat and other reasons leading to skin problems, it is best to choose a belt available for all seasons.



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