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The difference between patella straps and knee braces

Patellar tendon band is a kind of brace support used to protect people's knee joints, which consists of fabric and rubber hose or EVA shaped strips to prevent patellar displacement meniscus injury.
Both patella straps and knee braces are designed to protect the knee joint, but patella straps focus more on the key areas of protection, while knee braces have a larger area of protection, more comprehensive performance and better protection.
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The role of knee braces and patella straps

Knee braces: They take care of the entire knee joint muscles, ligaments, and joints. Some advanced knee braces have silicone pads to enhance cushioning, support strips on both sides to enhance protection, and increased openings for quick heat dissipation and ventilation, making them more suitable for sports. Some heavy-duty knee braces for post-injury rehabilitation protect from the calf to the thigh, keeping the thigh and calf in a straight line, thus reducing the curvature of the knee joint to avoid the aggravation of the condition.

Patellar tendon band: This is also a knee brace that is not as large as a knee brace and is flexible to wear. The main function of the patellar band is to protect the patellar ligament, stabilize the patella, reduce the wear and tear of the meniscus, and provide good protection for the joint. It can effectively relieve the pain caused by sports to the joint, especially the anterior side of the joint, and provide good relief to the pain caused by strain on the anterior side of the joint.

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The difference between patella straps and knee braces

The knee brace has a larger protective area, more comprehensive performance, and better protection, and can be useful in preventing injuries and aiding rehabilitation and protection of the injured knee joint.

The patellar band is more focused on key areas of protection, flexible, and can stabilize the lateral collateral ligament and the end of the iliotibial bundle if applied laterally.

The compression between the femur and tibia reduces pressure and wear on the meniscus and other cartilage tissues.

At the same time, the patellar tendon band is lightweight and does not interfere with the normal range of motion, especially in the summer months when it is more comfortable.



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