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How to choose sports knee braces 2022

Most sports knee braces are universal, and this article mainly analyzes the characteristics of various sports to help you buy knee braces.
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Recommended badminton knee braces

Mother and son playing badminton

Badminton has a lot of swings, as many as 100 swings in a game, far more than the number of swings in baseball. The swing speed is twice as fast as the fastest swing speed in tennis. The rapid stopping and turning, fast and frequent changes of direction, and frequent jumping require a lot of “work on the feet”, and at the same time, the test of the knee is also very large.

Sports knee pads for badminton

This knee brace is specially designed for badminton. The patellar tendon compression knee brace plus the I-type muscle patch combine to form a knee movement stabilization group to prevent misalignment of the brace during sharp turns and stops. It is specifically designed to strengthen badminton. Highly recommended for badminton lovers.

Sports knee pads for badminton2

This knee brace is a cost-effective knee brace that belongs to the affordable products in badminton, mainly breathable and absorbent, and can be worn in all seasons to protect the knee from injury in sports.

Recommended basketball knee braces

People playing basketball

Basketball requires fast running, continuous take-off, and strong strength. If you don’t protect yourself, you will be easily injured.

Basketball Knee Brace

This knee brace is a product that uses a variety of technologies and is officially authorized by the NBA.

Basketball Knee Brace2

Four-sided bending double spring support to maintain the stability of the knee joint while absorbing impact. Flexible silicone to reduce the impact while ensuring flexibility of movement.

Recommended knee braces for running

couple running together

Running is a simple sport that doesn’t require complicated equipment and usually only requires a pair of running shoes. Because of its simplicity and repetitiveness, this sport can be a good exercise for our perseverance, while long, high-intensity running can also put pressure on our knees.

running knee braces

This knee brace should be said to be an entry-level knee brace, light, and breathable fabric, comfortable to wear, and suitable for the prevention of prolonged running to bring damage to the knee or more than enough.

running patella strap

The patella strap is easy to carry, small, and light, and it is also very convenient to wear. At the same time, it can press the patella when running, with a good fit and strong stability. I usually wear this for trotting, and my knees will be much easier.

Recommended knee braces for deep squats

The deep squat is a movement that lowers the body by bending the three important joints of the lower body (i.e. hips, knees, ankles). The squat is one of the three aces of fitness, can exercise to the front and back of the thighs, and buttocks, while strengthening the bones, ligaments, and tendons of the lower body. The squat is considered essential for growing leg and hip strength and girth, as well as developing core strength.

Woman squatting deep in the grass

Deep squat knee braces are mostly wrap-around type, about two meters long, wrapping tightly around your knee joint, and much thicker than the normal knee braces worn. The elasticity requirements are also very high, with too much elasticity to meet the requirements of protection, too little elasticity, and will affect the movement of the joint. Now with the advancement of material science, many sleeve-type squat knee pads can also meet the same requirements.

squatting deep knee brace

The squat knee brace was developed specifically for the fitness and bodybuilding crowd. The breathable knit, four-way weave, is not easy to deform, not easy to open line, and big foot muscles are developed again is difficult to tense open.

Knee Brace 8

The most common type of squat knee brace is the strap-type high elastic knee brace, the pressure can be adjusted according to your actual situation, and the moisture wicking and breathability are good. The straps can be used not only as knee pads but also as elbow pads.

Mountaineering knee braces recommended

People climbing the mountain

Mountaineering is the goal of climbing to the top. In a broad sense, mountaineering does not limit the height of the mountain, the method of climbing, and the equipment used. In a narrow sense, mountaineering refers to the use of special equipment and techniques to climb mountains at a certain altitude. Climbing requires constant bending of the knees to climb up. The higher the climb, the more times the knees are bent. This requires protecting your fragile knees.

Knee Brace

This knee brace is highly recommended. Whether it is protection or comfort, it is a full score. The new generation of this knee pad is blessed with new material technology.

Soccer knee braces recommended

Soccer, known as the “world’s number one sport”, is loved by people all over the world. The integrated confrontation and comprehensive competition of technical, tactical, physical, and psychological factors are the distinctive features of today’s soccer game.

Play soccer

The strong confrontation of soccer is also evident to all. A high-level soccer game involves nearly 300 offensive and defensive transitions between the two sides, and more than half of the technical movements need to be used or completed under strong confrontation conditions.

Focusing on the possession of the ball, soccer games always run through the fierce confrontation between offense and defense, restriction and counter-restriction, and restriction and counter-restriction.

soccer knee brace

Four spring support, four straps, around the pressure, silicone spacers to enhance protection and shock absorption performance, silicone anti-slip, and soft and comfortable fabric to effectively resist attacks.

soccer knee brace2

Provides a professional-grade compression fabric to reduce the load on the dispersed knee, fish scale springs, not easy to deformation break, three-dimensional knitting, more lightweight and breathable.



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