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How to use knee braces?

Knee braces will be uncomfortable at first.
After wearing them, they feel very stiff when bending the legs or bending the joints. This is because when you wear the knee braces, you have not adjusted them to the correct position and have not found a suitable one.
Therefore, it is necessary to know more about the wearing of knee braces and the correct wearing method of knee braces.
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ShapeHow to wear knee braces?

Knee braces are sometimes worn inside the pants and sometimes outside. The advantage of putting them inside is that they are stable and can maximize the “braking” effect; the advantage of using them outside is that they are easy to wear and adjust, but the braking effect is reduced.

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Generally speaking, when the environment does not change significantly and you do not need to adjust or take off your knee braces at any time, it is better to put them inside and vice versa. Both knee braces and trekking poles only provide supplementary protection.

To protect your knees, the fundamental thing is to exercise regularly to increase muscle strength and equip yourself with scientifically sound activities. Knee damage during outdoor sports is a fairly common problem.

ShapeCan knee braces be worn for a long time?

It must not be used for a long time. Wearing knee pads for a long time will cause the muscles around the knee joint to stop working and become disuse atrophy, and the strength of the muscles around the knee joint will get worse and worse, and the knee pads will not be lost.

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ShapeHow should knee braces be used?

We recommend that knee braces should only be used for a short period of time and not for a long period of time. We recommend that they should only be worn when you have symptoms when you need to stand for a long time, when you need to walk for a long time, or when you are exercising, and when the muscles around the knee joint are strong, we do not need to wear knee braces to protect and strengthen them.

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  1. Choose the right knee brace according to your specific situation;
  2. Knee braces can be used, but not for long periods of time. In daily life, if you need to wear a knee brace, you can wear it for 1-2 hours and then take it off for half an hour;
  3. Never wear them for long periods of time without interruption. They must be removed when resting in a seated position and when sleeping at night, especially when using tighter knee braces.


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