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4 tips for choosing sports knee braces

  1. Material

When we pick a knee brace, the first thing to look at is what material it uses. A good quality knee brace is generally softer, not hard to the touch so that it is more comfortable to wear and the knee does not feel uncomfortable. And its warmth effect should also be good, especially after a lot of exercises, sweating more, if the wind will induce joint pain, can protect the knee.

  1. With holes for breathable sweating

Tied to the leg, not only require warmth, if in the case of more sweating, it will feel wet, and will not be too comfortable. So you can choose one with holes, because its breathability is better, can discharge the sweat inside, to give the knee a comfortable environment.

  1. Velcro

Further, it is the Velcro part. When the amount of exercise outdoors is large, it is easy to cause the knee braces not to be in the same position as the joints, and they will fall off, which not only affects the activity but also requires stopping and re-gluing, which is troublesome. Therefore, it is necessary to have good slip resistance and softness. This can also protect the knee, do not worry about sweating more making it slip off.

  1. Design

The design of the knee brace is not only to look at the appearance, but also to note whether the design is reasonable, reasonable means that it does not have to be regular, but will have a certain curvature, is based on the curvature of our knees to make the corresponding curvature, in the process of sports can also provide the right strength, so as to protect the knee, let the body move freely. If allowed, you can wear it when selecting, feel whether it is convenient, whether it is comfortable, in advance a tactile experience, so as not to hinder the movement in future use.

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