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Can the ankle brace be worn for a long time?

Ankle support is a kind of brace support that sports people always have. It often appears in various sports, whether it is basketball, badminton, running, or anything else, as long as it involves running and jumping, ankle support is often used.

But many people the use ankle brace also tend to have a misunderstanding, and are not clear about their injury situation to wearing the ankle brace or wear the ankle brace will not take off, Has been wearing, then the ankle brace can really wear long-term?

Athletes playing basketball

Obviously, the answer is no. The ankle brace is still an auxiliary protective device after all. It is to assist us when we are unable to exercise normally. The situations include twisted feet, fractures, etc. When should the ankle brace be worn?

For people who need to wear an ankle brace because of injury, the best time to wear an ankle brace is when we are just injured, this time wearing an ankle brace, can help us limit the excessive displacement of the ankle joint, to avoid secondary injury so that the injury has not been good, this time you can choose a higher level of protection ankle brace, can play a good role, and when we are almost well, this time you can slowly take off the ankle brace to try to walk when you need to exercise and then put on.

Compression ankle brace

For people who don’t have an injury, they want to prevent, wearing an ankle brace should be based on their own situation. My suggestion is to wear it when you are exercising at high intensity and take it off when you are exercising at low intensity or not so that we can also avoid dependence on the ankle brace.

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