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Is the ankle support worn inside or outside the socks?

The ankle support should be worn close to the body, because the design of the ankle brace is in accordance with the ergonomic design, wear outside the socks some functions will be discounted, of course, except for particularly thin socks. The biggest role of ankle support is to protect the stability of the ankle and to prevent lateral displacement of the ankle joint dislocation, which is often referred to as a broken foot.

The occurrence of broken feet is sometimes unavoidable, the so-called unavoidable refers to intense sports, some movements on the ankle injury is an ankle brace can not resist, the protective role of ankle support is limited to some minor, or in some of the rehabilitation process after the injury, in this regard, the role is still very large.

There are also some ankle protectors that are suitable for wearing in socks, such as this ankle protector is mainly light and breathable, the overall will be thinner.

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The winding should not be too loose or too tight, too loose no protection too tight affect blood circulation The tightness is adjusted according to personal habits when re-winding the sport.

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