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What are the characteristics of knee braces?

The knitted fabric adopts the highly elastic nature of the 1:1 lap ribbed liner tissue structure, coarse yarn hemp-cotton blend yarn knitting while lined with brocade wrapped rubber elastic yarn, making it more elastic, tougher, and more comfortable to wear.

The structure design is reasonable, set health care, comfort as one, on the knee rheumatism, arthritis, pain, swelling, numbness, inflexibility, sprains and contusions have an obvious curative effect, on the old cold leg, hyperplasia, bone spurs, movement disorders, strain injury can play a supporting function.

Especially suitable for the elderly, athletes, and other people with leg disorders need. It can improve blood microcirculation at the joints, activate blood circulation, remove blood stasis, reduce swelling and pain, promote the absorption of inflammation and repair of damaged joint tissues, increase the activity of the corresponding joints, and improve the symptoms of arthritis, joint effusion, varicose veins, vasculitis, and rheumatoid arthritis. And it is different from various magnetic health products sold in the market, there are no magnetic hard lumps in the product, and it is comfortable to wear and easy to clean.

The bundled open knee brace is made of the world’s most advanced protective materials and is reasonably designed with special thickening and reinforcement at the opening to better protect the lateral displacement of the knee joint. The improved Velcro allows the user to adjust the tightness at will. Bring it with you when climbing, you can effectively prevent knee injury.

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