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The function and effect of the sports waist belt

Exercise is not only good for your health, but it can also help you lose weight. Therefore, many people now prefer sports.

However, sports cannot avoid injuries, such as lumbar sprains or foot sprains, etc. However, in order to prevent lumbar sprains, many people now use sports belts.

1. The sports waist belt has the function of protection

Sports may be injured, so there will be a variety of sports protective gear followed by the appearance of the waist as many sports force base, is the top pillar. Its role cannot be ignored. And its force injury is usually not easy to be paid attention to and leads to poor sports results or even injury.

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In the process of bodybuilding, fitness exercises, and dancing, the waist is subjected to a very large force, and it is involved in the training of muscles in various parts. The long-term force can only be supported and protected by comfortable waist support. Exercise safely and effectively. The waist protection belt avoids injuries during sports, and its role in improving sports effects cannot be ignored.

2. The sports belt has the function of losing weight

People who lose weight must know that waist support belts have the function of losing weight. A good-quality and effective waist belt can absorb and remove sweat while effectively taking away body fat. So the waist support is very suitable for all kinds of sports.

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What does a waist belt do?

First, pressure. Apply a certain amount of pressure to the muscles to adjust the balance of exercise force. To a certain extent, strengthen muscle strength and reduce swelling.

The muscles are stimulated during the exercise, the metabolism is accelerated, and the amount of water in the muscle cells increases, causing the cells to feel swollen. Appropriate pressure can help make the exercise easier and more powerful.

Second, support. The harder waist support can provide a certain amount of support during exercise, support the excessively bent waist, reduce the force on the muscles, and protect the waist from sprains or soreness.

Some functional waist supports have metal sheets on the back, which can effectively provide greater support and avoid accidental injuries. The rear of this type of waist support is generally higher.

Third, keep warm. Double-layer or multi-layer material has a stronger thermal insulation function than soft and comfortable waist support.

Athletes often wear fewer clothes during sports, and the waist dissipates more heat, which makes it easy to catch colds, making people backaches, spasms, or stomach discomfort.

The heat-retaining waist support can effectively maintain the temperature of the waist, accelerate blood circulation, and prevent colds and certain discomforts in the stomach.

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