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How to choose sports elbow braces?

Elbow braces are a kind of protective gear used to protect the elbow joints. They can help us reduce pain, promote metabolism, and strengthen motor function during exercise.

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A good elbow brace must have the following characteristics:

  • Warmth and Breathability:

Keeping warm is to keep the body’s heat from being lost easily in a non-athletic state, so that the parts that need to be protected are less susceptible to injury and can recover better.At the same time, it is necessary to ensure breathability, because exercise is bound to sweat, and good breathability allows sweat to be discharged quickly so that the parts of the bag can be dry and comfortable.

  • Compressibility and Support:

Good elbow braces have a very professional design, which fits the curved arc design of the protective part, three-dimensional tailoring, and matches the stretchability of the elbow pads and the adjustment of the surgical patch. While not losing protection, it improves the strength and stability of the muscles in the body, and also ensures that the wearing part has very good flexibility.In some elbow pads that require special protection, a single metal reed that can be bent and elastic is added to strengthen the support, which can help the protective part maintain the stability of the joints and the impact absorption function during frequent movements.

  • Protective and Restorative:

This is also the most important use of elbow pads. The pressure change of elbow braces on the pressure muscles can reduce pain, promote metabolism, increase motor function, and increase joint stability. It has a good corrective effect on the imitation disease site and prevents re-injury.The soft fabric adopts a unique weaving method, has unique ductility and excellent airworthiness, can produce pressure with medical effects, is comfortable to wear, accelerates the absorption of swelling and congestion, improves general motor function, and can quickly expel moisture, which is very important for recovery.

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Tips for buying sports elbow braces

1. Look at the material

When choosing elbow braces, look at the material first. Good materials are softer and not hard to touch with your hands, so that your elbows will be more comfortable when wearing, and this material has better warmth.

2. Look at the design

Good elbow pads are reasonably designed, three-dimensional tailoring, have a certain degree of curvature, and move freely

3. Look at the non-slip resistance

The non-slip resistance is better, but also soft, to ensure that you don’t have to worry about sweating too much during exercise to make the elbow pads slip off.

4. Look at work

The wiring is neat and there is no thread head.

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Maintenance and care of sports elbow braces

  1. Wash by hand as much as possible. If you really want to use a washing machine, use underwear laundry nets, otherwise you will directly machine wash and hurt your elbow pads.
  2. Usually pay attention to the surface of the elbow pads not to be scratched by hard objects.
  3. Keep the surface clean, especially not contaminated with oil.
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