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The important role of wearing knee braces for cold knees

The knee joint is an important joint for human movement, running, jumping, walking, and squatting are all required for the movement of the knee joint. However, prolonged standing, running, and jumping can cause discomfort in the knee joint due to overexertion, cold, wet conditions, etc. The fat at the knee is thin, the ability to keep warm is reduced, and it is very sensitive to cold. If there is not enough warm-up, it will be stiffness and pain in the knee joint when running and jumping suddenly.

The coldness of the knees may be caused by a lack of calcium, iron, and other minerals, some vitamins, peripheral nerve circulation disorders, lack of exercise, cold constitution, not paying attention to keeping warm and so on. A lot of beauty-loving women should pay special attention, don’t just want the demeanor and not the temperature, and often wearing high-heeled shoes is not good for the knees.

How to protect our knee joints? The far-infrared anion knee protector relies on the principle of self-heating and far-infrared anion energy layer, causing resonance with the body, through slight friction, or changes in moisture and humidity, and thus deep tissue heating, to promote blood circulation, improve microcirculation, Shu meridian effect, long-term wear can be good to prevent arthritis, rheumatism, and other knee diseases.

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