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How to Rehabilitate an Ankle Sprain

After an ankle sprain, rehabilitation exercises can be carried out according to the following conditions. Rehabilitation treatment and training are very important in stages.

(1) Early stage

In addition to immobilization treatments such as ice packs and rest elevations, non-weight-bearing and weight-bearing training should also be included, including acupuncture, manual massage, and external use of traditional Chinese medicine.

Reusable Hot Cold Ice Packs2

(2) Mid-term

Mainly include traditional Chinese medicine external application and fumigation, ankle protective brace (elastic bandage, professional ankle support, and Kinesio effect patch).

Ankle Protection Brace

(3) Late stage

It mainly includes manual therapy and functional training, combined with modern rehabilitation joint loosening techniques, lengthening the ligaments and joint capsule around the ankle joint, increasing the extensibility of non-contracting tissues, and increasing the angle of motion of the ankle joint. Rehabilitation training mainly includes the training of muscle strength, proprioception, and balance function.

Daily anti-sprain, start with little things

It is very important to strengthen the strength and balance of the ankle. It is usually okay to do more heel-lifting and tiptoe movements.

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