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Running knee pain, do you need to wear knee braces?

Almost all runners have experienced knee pain, whether it is overtraining or incorrect posture, or other reasons. Some people try to solve this problem, they will wear knee braces or patella strap braces.

Should You Wear Knee Braces for Running?

In some cases, knee pain can interfere with your running or training plans. So, when should you consider using knee braces? If there is no acute injury and you feel vague pain, you can try protective gear.

What are the best knee pads for running?

Before trying any braces, you should first consult your doctor and seek advice.

In general, knee braces can generally be divided into three types:

Cylindrical Knee Braces

This type of protective gear is tight-fitting around the joints to limit the formation of swelling and improve the movement of the joints. This protective gear is simple, but it has the worst support. The lowest level of support is usually the priority for most runners.

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Patella Brace

The next level up is the Patella Compression Strap, which helps guide the patella (kneecap) to move in the correct way and relieves pressure on the tendon.

The thickened action of the patellar girdle supports the kneecap and is commonly used to treat patellofemoral pain and patellar tendon problems.

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Velcro Adjustable Knee Braces

They are styles with side strips and without side strips, which can improve the stability of the knee joints and are easy to wear and take off, but the disadvantage is that after wearing for a period of time, the knee pads may become loose and need to be adjusted at any time.

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A better option is a Velcro adjustable knee pad: These have a solid, stable structure that prevents the knee from collapsing inwards and outwards.

Knee braces cannot solve all knee problems. Don’t rely too much on knee pads. If you find that you’ve been needing a knee brace for pain relief, consider seeing a doctor or professional physical therapist to find out the source of your pain.

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