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How is Sports Brace Support graded?

  1. Tertiary protection (super protection): generally used for severe ligament loosening and pain, and can provide the maximum level of fixation. It protects soft tissue through compression, and heat treatment promotes recovery.
  2. Secondary protection (lesser to general protection): used for mild to general ligament loosening and pain. It has a greater protective effect than simple care, relying on compression to protect soft tissues and clinical hot compresses to promote recovery.
  3. Primary protection (general protection): for mild pain, sprain, loosening, rheumatism, and tenosynovitis. Compression protects soft tissue, and heat packs promote recovery.

Sports Brace Support Grade Features

  • Basic

The basic protection level brace support has the characteristics of light, transparent, soft, and elastic, which feels comfortable to wear, with a strong sense of encapsulation and a light sense of binding. This level is mostly knitted products, with minimal stimulation to the skin, and the appropriate insulation function is to a certain extent conducive to blood circulation, which is a good helper to improve the quality of work life, sports performance, and health care.

  • Moderate

Most of the brace support for a moderate level of protection is made of Neoprene, neoprene material. This material, which is mainly used in diving suits, has excellent warmth and comfortable compression. The wrapping and binding power of the intermediate level brace support have been improved compared to the basic level brace support, so while it has most of the features of the basic level brace support, the intermediate level also has good muscle fatigue relief and is suitable for most sports.

  • Advanced

Most of the advanced level of brace support is based on Neoprene material with “spring” embedded in the fabric, which is an essential difference compared to the first two levels of brace support. This makes this level of brace support play a protective role at the same time, has a certain degree of support, can improve joint stability, and effective prevention of joint injuries. The advanced protection level of brace support also has a significant increase in binding force, and therefore also has the effect of assisting in the treatment of soft tissue injuries. It is recommended to remove the brace support every 2 hours to facilitate soft tissue rest.

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