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Is it useful to wear a wrist brace for tendonitis?

Wearing a wrist brace for tenosynovitis is useful, mainly in two aspects:

1. Wearing a wrist brace can act as a brake on the wrist joint, which can effectively reduce the flexion and extension of the joint, avoid further friction between the tendon sheath and the fibrous ring, and avoid further aggravation of tenosynovitis.

2. After wearing the wrist brace, it has a warming effect, can increase local blood circulation, promote the inflammatory edema of tenosynovitis, and the metabolism and absorption of metabolites and the symptoms of pain and unfavorable activities can also be improved.

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For tenosynovitis, wear a supportive and fixed wrist brace. Tenosynovitis is an inflammation of the tendon sheath caused by long-term heavy physical labor or long-term bad posture. Wearing a wrist brace can limit joint movement and relieve joint damage during exercise.

Wrist tenosynovitis is an aseptic inflammation formed at the end of the tendon sheath, causing pain at the tendon insertion. Wearing a wrist brace is mainly to brake the joint to reduce the pull of the tendon to relieve pain. The wrist brace is mainly elastic and breathable. Pay attention to choose according to the size of your wrist, in case it is too tight or too loose, it will not be fixed.

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