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Will wearing an ankle brace for a long time have dependence?

Let me talk about the conclusion first, wearing ankle braces for a long time will lead to dependence.

But it is necessary to clarify how long this long time is. Wearing it all day long is definitely a long time, and it is not recommended to do so unless it is a special case.

It is recommended that if your ankle muscles are not strong enough, wear knee pads during intense exercise to increase safety.

When you’re done exercising, just take it off, and wearing ankle braces for a long time will make you feel uncomfortable.

Wearing Ankle Braces

As a portable ankle support orthosis, ankle support is suitable for patients with frequent ankle sprains, ankle ligament injuries, and unstable ankle joints. It can effectively buffer the ankle during exercise, limit the left and right movement of the ankle, prevent sprains caused by the inversion of the ankle, reduce the pressure on the injured ankle, strengthen the ankle, and promote the healing of the injured soft tissue.

Therefore, ankle braces are only suitable for wearing when the ankle is strenuously exercised or injured, so as to buffer the shock caused by strenuous exercise and prevent joint damage and sprains, and cannot be used for a long time. Otherwise, it will cause blood circulation disorder and insufficient blood supply, and it will be counterproductive. Typically, professional athletes wear ankle braces a lot, and they take them off every once in a while to relax.

A good ankle brace can protect the ankle joint during sports. It is good to wear ankle braces, and you can also wear them at ordinary times. If you wear it when you are injured, it is best to use something with good warmth and breathability. You don’t have to wear it at night, but you can wear it all the time. Because the sleeping position is relatively fixed, no matter how good it is, it will more or less affect your blood circulation, so it is not recommended to wear it 24 hours a day.

Although ankle braces can protect our ankles, it doesn’t mean that wearing ankle braces can make us feel free. Self-protection and regular exercise are more important.

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