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What is the role of wearing brace support when exercising?

Nowadays, there are many different kinds of brace support, so when choosing brace support, it is important to understand what features brace support has so that you can make a better choice.

Women who lift weights


Pressure. There is some pressure on the muscles, which can regulate the balance. Muscle strength will increase as a result, reducing the possibility of swelling. Muscles are stimulated to speed up the progress of metabolism, muscle cells contain more and more water, the cells begin to expand, and the appropriate pressure is to help the movement more easily and powerful.


Support. The main role of lumbar support is to support, to help hold the waist, and reduce the pressure suffered. So that the waist in the movement is not easily injured, some of the more functional lumbar support, generally with a metal sheet, so there is greater support, the more powerful the function of protecting the waist.


Keep Warm. Double or multi-layer material is softer and more comfortable waist protector that has a strong insulation function. Athletes often wear less in sports, the waist more heat dissipation is also very fast, so it is easy to catch a cold, so someone will be sore, cramps, and some also cause stomach discomfort. The thermal performance of the waist protector can effectively maintain the waist temperature, accelerate blood circulation, and prevent colds and certain discomfort in the stomach.


Body Shaping. The main thing is to make the blood flow faster, the more powerful the metabolic function, can burn fat, can adjust the elasticity, so as to help a certain weight loss function, if it is waist-related exercise, can absorb sweat function. This can also quickly decompose fat, which is must-brace support for waist-tightening fitness.

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