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What are some ways to relieve knee pain?

  1. Hot compresses are very helpful for relieving knee pain, can improve local blood circulation, and have a certain analgesic effect.
  2. We can also wear knee pads for our knees, which can act as an auxiliary support for the knee joint and reduce the pain caused by knee joint activity.
  3. Use some anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, which can effectively suppress knee pain.
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7 Tips for Pain Relief

1. Moderate exercise

It is said that life lies in exercise. Some people may think that more rest is the best protection for the knee joint, but in fact, prolonged inactivity is very bad for the muscles, which will make the muscles weak and weak, which is not conducive to the protection of joints and bones. People with knee pain should exercise in moderation, and they can choose ways that do not harm the knee joints such as walking and swimming.

2. Pay attention to rest

Although it is necessary to exercise in moderation, it is not advisable to exercise for too long. Rest properly and give your knees some buffer time.

3. Timely treatment after injury

Since the knee joint is active very frequently every day, it is not surprising that injuries occur. When it is painful because of arthritis, you can first apply a cold compress to reduce the pain and swelling, and then you can apply a hot compress after 72 hours.

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4. Pay attention to weight control

Since the knee bears most of the weight of the human body, if the weight is too heavy, it will increase the burden on the knee joint. A long period of time is very detrimental to the health of the knee, so pay attention to weight control and prevent joint damage.

5. Keep warm

Cold knees can also cause knee pain. Usually, pay attention to cold and warmth. In summer, be careful not to let the air-conditioning wind blow directly. In winter, you can put a pair of knee pads on your knees.

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6. Rub your knees

When you are usually sitting, you can rub your hands hot and rub your knees and their surroundings until your knees get hot.

7. Calcium supplement

The importance of calcium to bones needless to say, if calcium deficiency also has a great impact on the joints, so we should also pay attention to supplementing calcium to strengthen bones.

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Regarding the tricks to relieve knee pain, the above describes 7 methods. If you don’t want to feel the pain of knee pain, you must usually pay attention to protecting the knee joint and not overusing the knee.

To prevent knee pain, you can do some soothing exercises. Before going to bed, lift your feet up as if you are riding a bicycle, and stretch your legs back and forth. This can effectively exercise the knee joints without burdening the knees. It is a very good exercise method.

In addition, it is also very important to keep warm from the cold, especially in winter. You cannot wear thin pants to look good. The invasion of cold air will hurt your knees very much, and you will regret it when you experience pain. In addition, pay attention to moisture-proof and moisture-proof. Staying in a place with heavy moisture for a long time is prone to rheumatism. Moisture enters the body, which affects your health and can also cause unbearable knee pain, so you should usually pay attention to cold and moisture-proof.

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