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what is a 3D knee support brace?

It is a one-piece 3D knee brace that completely wraps around the knee, securing and supporting the entire knee joint.

The reason it is called a 3D knee brace is that it can control the expansion and contraction activities in 6 directions: up, down, left, right, front, and back, reducing the burden on the muscles around the knee joint.

When people are exercising, especially when running, climbing, playing basketball, and other sports, every action wears down the knees. Therefore, knee braces have become a must-have sports artifact for sportsmen.

The principle of a knee brace is to use an elastic bandage to limit the range of motion of the joint and reduce wear and tear on the joint cartilage.

When the knee joint is injured, wearing a knee brace can also maintain the stability of the joint and prevent the cartilage tissue from being delayed due to improper pulling.

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