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What is the use of sports wrist brace?

A wrist brace is a piece of fabric used to protect the wrist joint, and in today’s society, wrist braces are basically one of the essential sports equipment for athletes. To protect the wrist from sprains or to speed up the healing process, wearing a wrist brace is one of the effective ways.

The wrist is the most active part of the body and one of the most prone to injury, and athletes have a high chance of developing tendonitis in the wrist.

A sports wrist brace is generally a single piece of joint winding design, it can strengthen the wrist area, enhance stability, and soothe the wrist stiffness and fatigue caused by long-term sports.

Features of sports wrist braces

  1. With super elasticity, breathability, and water absorption.
  2. Prevent wrist injury, enhance wrist strength, beautiful and comfortable, fully show the sports style, and easy to wash.
Wearers of wrist braces

The role of sports wrist braces

Sports wrist braces can slowly strengthen the muscles and tendons and play a role in protecting the wrist. Wearing wrist braces during sports helps to protect the wrist when falling when the arm is braced on the ground. Wearing a wrist brace after wrist injury can better reflect the role of wrist brace. The specific functions are as follows:

1, heat therapy

Sports wrist brace in heat therapy most coaches, and rehabilitation physicians used to treat injured joints and tendons. A wrist brace is made of advanced elastic fabric and can be completely close to the use of parts, to prevent stop body temperature loss, reduce the affected part of the pain, and accelerate healing.

2, Promote blood circulation

The information heat maintained by the sports wrist brace can promote the blood circulation of the muscle tissue in the area, which is very effective for the treatment of arthritis and joint pain. In addition, good blood circulation, and more effective muscle movement function.

3, support and stability effect

The sports wrist brace can promote the joints and ligaments to reduce the impact of external forces, and effective protection of joints and ligaments.

How to wear a sports wrist brace

  1. left hand or right hand can be, first keep the wrist in a neutral position in a straight line arm.
  2. thumb with the thumb sleeve located in front of the wrist brace, while keeping the arm straight.
  3. began to wind the wrist brace, it should be noted that the location of the wrist brace is tied to a small part of the wrist is to tie to the bottom of the palm, the purpose is to fix the wrist just in the neutral position.
  4. when tying the first circle should be tied relatively tight, is to provide enough tension to fix the wrist.
  5. the next can not be as tight as the first circle to maintain a moderate tension winding up.
  6. and finally stick on the Velcro, complete.


  1. at the beginning of the tie before the wrist must be adjusted to a neutral position.
  2. when tying not too close to the end of the arm, but to cover the entire wrist part.
  3. the wrist brace should not be too tight when tied, the first circle tight can be the next 2 circles to maintain a moderate tension.
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