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Where is the patella strap tied?

When wearing the patella belt, you should pay attention to the correct position of wearing it to avoid improper wearing and affect the protective effect. So where is the patella belt usually tied?

Under normal circumstances, the patellar band is tied to the patellar tendon. The patellar tendon is a tendon structure that connects the patella to the tibia of the lower leg. Together with the quadriceps femoris and the patella, it constitutes a “knee extension device”, that is, where we wear the patellar band. wearing position.

In addition, the patella has a single strap, and some are double straps, and the wearing position will also have some differences. The single patella strap will use a fixation method below the patella, while the double patella strap will be used to additionally fix the patella above the patella.

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