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LED Light Waterproof Half Finger Glove

LED light gloves, good brightness, equivalent to a flashlight at night, worn directly on the hand, without the need to hold like a traditional flashlight, compact and lightweight, simple to use, fully free your hands.
You can use in fishing, riding, repairing cars, home maintenance and other places, but also has the characteristics of waterproof.
LED Light Waterproof Half Finger Glove

This is our new product, LED light finger glove, the product material is made of cotton and plastic polypropylene, mainly used in daily life, small and convenient.

LED Light Waterproof Half Finger Glove
LED Light Half Finger Glove

Name: led light half finger gloves

Material: breathable cotton, plastic polypropylene. The fabric is elastic and does not deform

Specifications: 360*135mm

Color: black, camouflage, customized

Information: button and charging two models

Description: Led light gloves, the brightness of 5000mcd, equivalent to a bright flashlight at night, worn directly on the hand. Electricity lasts a week and is a must-have outdoor night fishing, car, and wilderness camping.


  • Practical Finger Flashlights Glove – These flashlight gloves are pretty useful, from early morning fishing to working on cars or other tight places where light is needed, doing electrical work. They will totally help you.
  • Bright Enough – Flashlight work gloves with 2 LEDs on your index finger and thumb and could point to anywhere you want. , bright enough for tasks.
  • Comfortable Material – The finger flashlights glove is made of cotton, breathable and stretchy, besides the strap is adjustable, comfortable to wear, and fits most men’s or women’s hands.
  • Easy to Use and Convenient – There is a turn on/off button on the back of the glove which is easy to turn on or turn off, making fixing things in the tight areas a lot easier when you need your hands free from holding the flashlight.
  • Multiple Uses-Suit for fishermen, gadget lovers, law enforcement, network engineer, plumber, maintenance equipment, mountain camping, cycling, and other outdoor activities or work lighting, etc.
LED Light Half Finger Gloves
Stretch fabric: Can be adapted to different hand sizes
LED Light Glove
Nylon buckle: Free to adjust the tightness
LED Light Finger Gloves
Silicone button: Waterproof to avoid short circuit
LED Light Finger Glove
High brightness lamp beads: Good light gathering performance
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