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Sciatic Nerve Pain Sports Knee Brace

Color: Black
Size: One size
Type: Stabilizer
Thickness: Thick
Function: Protection
Applicable People: Unisex
Logo: Customized Logo Accept
Protection class: Comprehensive Protection
Usage: Acupressure For Instant Relief of Sciatic Nerve Pain, Lower Back, Hip Pain
Sciatic Nerve Pain Sports Knee Brace


Product namePlus Acupressure System For Instant Relief from Sciatic Nerve Pain Brace Sports Knee Brace Support Compression Knee Brace Pad
SizeOne size
ColorBlack, camo, mud color
LogoAccept customized logo
UsageAcupressure System For Instant Relief from Sciatic Nerve Pain, Lower Back, & Hip Pain
Lead time15-25days


Plus Acupressure System: If you suffer from sciatica, Plus is here for you. Plus is a new and improved acupressure system that applies targeted compression to your calf and turns off sciatic nerve pain signals for instant relief. It’s the revolutionary drug-free way to keep the pain away! Results may vary from user to user.

How Plus Works: Just slip it on, adjust the strap, and the pain is gone. The secret is the acupoint pressure pad that applies gentle targeted compression to the trigger point on the calf just below your knee.

What Is Sciatica?: Sciatica is an excruciating pain that radiates from your lower back down into your legs. If you suffer from lower back pain, hip pain, and shooting pain down your legs, you could be experiencing sciatic nerve pain.

Live, Work, and Be Pain-Free: Plus has an ingenious design that can be worn discreetly under clothes so you can work, walk, play with the kids, and live with reduced pain, more mobility, a more active life, and better sleep.

Plus Knee Brace

Plus Knee Brace is a leg wrap that helps users walk freely and move comfortably. It is an easy-to-use wrap-around band for adults. Our leg wrap is unisex, making it suitable for couples or anyone in the family that needs leg and calf support.

Sciatica Pain Relief Brace

Life’s enjoyment may come from simple things like performing daily activities freely and comfortably. Whether at home or traveling, using calf wrap might be the key to making the most out of life.

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