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Should I wear brace support when playing basketball?

My knees often hurt when I played basketball, so I wore knee pads, but some people said that wearing brace support would cause secondary damage to the joints, and some people said that not wearing support would accelerate joint damage. Which statement is reliable?
Athletes playing basketball

Different people have different views on the pros and cons, even if the same person has different views on the pros and cons of basketball players wearing supports under different circumstances. Analyze it and give some suggestions.

People playing basketball


  • Protect the joints and avoid external damage to a certain extent;
  • Assist in maintaining joint stability after joint injury and prevent secondary injury;
  • Buffer the impact of external forces on the joints to a certain extent.


  • Using support without injury will limit the range of joints to a certain extent and affect technical performance;
  • The skin pores at the joints with brace support are compressed, which affects the breathing of some skin.
Kids playing basketball


  • The ankle joint has a large range of motion and a large bearing capacity in basketball. It is very easy to be injured, and it will also form a memory of the injury. Every time you train, you need to stick tape on your feet. Therefore, it is recommended to stick tape or tape when playing basketball. wear ankle braces;
  • If there is no pain in other joints, it is recommended not to wear support;
  • If the joint is unstable after the injury, it is recommended to wear brace support;
  • After recovering from the injury, those who dare not let go of the movement due to psychological problems for fear of recurrence of the old injury can also wear brace support to prevent psychological problems from affecting the performance of movement skills.

Therefore, I think that there is no absolute advantage or harm to playing basketball and wearing brace support. It is based on needs and personal habits.



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