The role and selection of soccer shin guards

Shin guards, also known as shin guards, are athletic protective gear that protects the lower legs of soccer players. The shin guards are generally rigid plates that disperse the force exerted by the opponent's leg and shoe. In addition, the gap between the shin guards and the leg can play a cushioning role, and the flesh between the leg bone and the shin guards also has a cushioning effect to prevent fractures.
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First, The role of soccer shin guards

Shin guards are to protect the shin bone of the lower leg. Due to the high confrontation of the soccer game, the probability of players being kicked to the calf is very high, so it is very necessary to wear shin guards to protect your shins in the game. From a physical point of view, shin guards are used to disperse and cushioning the impact force that would otherwise be applied to the lower leg. The gap between the shin guards and the leg can play a cushioning role, and the flesh between the leg bone and the shin guards also has a cushioning effect to prevent fractures.

If a player does not wear shin guards, there is a high risk of tibia or fibula fracture when a strong force is applied to the calf, and in severe cases, even thigh bone fracture or knee cruciate ligament tear.

It is clearly stated in the FIFA rules of soccer that soccer players must wear shin guards made of plastic, rubber, or similar material sufficient to provide some protection and that the shin guards must be completely covered by soccer socks.

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Second, How to choose shin guards

Generally speaking, there are two types of shin guards according to the type of wear: one is the traditional insert type, and the other is the shin guards with sock cover.

We can simply divide the shape of the shin guards into large plates and small plates. The small plate is relatively light and comfortable, and generally likes to break through the disc of the front players will choose the small plate, of course, it can play relatively poor protection; the large plate can protect a larger area, but also heavier, and many large shin guards at the same time with wrapped ankle protection, the same large plate in the flexibility and comfort is also less, generally most of the backfield defensive players tend to choose This type of shin guards.

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When choosing shin guards you must choose a qualified product, a product that makes you feel comfortable.

Comfort can be considered by size, weight, thickness, fit, whether it is stuffy from sweating, whether it will run around, etc. For the appearance words, anyway, it is set in the ball socks, can not be considered.

Football Soccer Soccer Shin Protector

Third, How to bring soccer leg guards

  1. First of all, we need to put soccer socks on, but do not pull the socks to the knee.
  2. Immediately after, find the calf part protected by the shin guards (usually a little below the middle of the calf), and insert the shin guards into the socks.
  3. Press the shin guard and pull the sock to the knee to finish putting on the shin guard.


  • There are large, small, and standard soccer shin guards, which can be purchased according to your preference.
  • L for the left, R for the right, leg guards will generally be marked, remember not to wear the reverse.


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