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Top 10 Sports Brace Support Brands (2022)

Sports brace support although there are many kinds, but in the time of sports and competition, not in every sport have to bring all, to choose the necessary protective gear for different sports, the parts prone to injury for effective protection can be. Next, according to my experience in the industry data, for you to compile the world's top ten sports brace support brands, for your reference.
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Now more and more people are on the road of running to take running to improve their health, but with the increase in the number of people running at the same time, there have been many accidents, more and more people are running in the body was hurt. For example, their knees were damaged, and ankles were also injured, and these are very serious.

So, sports braces came into being, many people think that sports braces can reduce the pressure on the knees and ankles so that our knees and ankles are more healthy.


  • Location: United States
  • Website:
  • Year founded: 1987
  • Main product: Sportswear, Mobile Protective Gear, Fitness Equipment
LP Logo

Founded in 1987 in the United States, LP is a professional protective gear brand with wide application in the field of sports protection.

LP has developed a lightweight series of sports equipment based on the unique ergonomic technology of exercise physiology and sports biomechanics.

LP Support has become one of the best sports equipment, especially sports protection brands, with its professional pursuit of related fields and dedicated care for sportsmen.


  • Location: Germany
  • Website:
  • Year founded: 1929
  • Main product: Braces support, Orthotics, Medical Compression Stockings, and insoles with orthopedic functions

Founded in 1929, Bauerfeind is a German sports brace brand. One of the world’s leading manufacturers of sports protection and physiotherapy equipment.

Bauerfeind has always made it its mission to help people stay active and avoid injuries.

Bauerfeind works closely with sports medicine and technology experts in order to provide sports protection and physiotherapy equipment for athletes. Its products are breathable and stretchable.


  • Location: United States
  • Website:
  • Year founded: 1969
  • Main product: Recovery and Compression Protective Gear, Performance Wear, Sports Bandages
McDavid Logo

Started in 1969 in the United States, the professional sports protective equipment brand has nearly 50 years of brand history, providing professional athletes and amateur sports fans of all ages and at different levels around the world, including knee braces, arm braces, waist braces, leg braces, and other protective equipment.

Dr. McDavid invented a new chapter of sports protection in 1969 with the invention of the sports brace to prevent damage to the lateral knee, and McDavid products were officially launched in the same year.

McDavid’s professional and rich product line covers all sports and has more than ten patented technologies.


  • Location: China
  • Website:
  • Year founded: 1990
  • Main product: Professional sports equipment and auxiliary equipment for training

Established in 1990, Li-Ning is a leader in sports apparel and footwear in China. It focuses on the research and development, production, and sales of high-quality, high-performance competition equipment and training auxiliary equipment.

As the global fashion community has now seen, a trademark of any given Li-Ning collection is the contrast of western sportswear silhouettes paired with traditional details.

Coupled with this, innovation is also essential to the development of the Li-Ning brand and its products. By driving perpetual research and development, Li-Ning is able to offer the most forward-thinking products, experiences, and services, while using cut-through technologies and materials.


  • Location: Japan
  • Website:
  • Year founded: 1993
  • Main product: Knee, Lower Back, Ankle, and Icing

ZAMST began with the development and launch of ankle support for medical purposes. Lace-up braces used to be the mainstream sports injury treatment of the time. ZAMST was developed to support a completely new concept by integrating guards made of resin.

ZAMST conducts product development by gathering the voices of customers and professionals in the research – idea – design – evaluation work cycle. Most importantly, ZAMST, as a medical company, emphasis “evidence-based” product development given by academic research.


  • Location: United States
  • Website:
  • Year founded: 1919
  • Main product: Braces Support, Graduated Compression Legwear, Anti-Embolism Stockings

Starting in 1919 in the United States, 3M’s professional medical brace brand.

It is committed to developing more comfortable and professional products with both protection and support.

And has 70 patents in the United States, providing solutions for daily protection and sports protection for people of different ages. The products are widely used in sports such as walking, jogging, or golfing.


  • Location: Germany
  • Website:
  • Year founded: 1949
  • Main product: Sports equipment, Apparel, Footwear
Adidas Logo

Adidas was founded in 1949 in Germany, the world’s top sports goods manufacturer, specializing in the development and production of sports equipment, apparel, footwear, etc. Adidas has received more than 700 patents and is renowned for its football shoes.


  • Location: United States
  • Website:
  • Year founded: 1959
  • Main product: Braces supports, Tape, Training room supplies, Athletic training travel kits, Recovery devices, and home fitness
Mueller Logo

Starting in 1959 in the United States, the well-known professional sports equipment brand, is a pioneer in the field of sports medicine, providing sports care products for professional or amateur sports people around the world.

Mueller started his business from a small pharmacy, through the efforts and innovation of generations of Mueller people, Mueller has become a world-renowned sports protection brand, with a “sports protection experts” reputation.


  • Location: United States
  • Website:
  • Year founded: 1972
  • Main product: Clothing, Footwear, Sports equipment
Nike Logo

Nike is the world’s leading manufacturer of sporting goods. Nike trademark pattern is a small hook, simple and powerful shape, the rush like lightning, a glance makes people think of the speed and explosive power generated by using Nike sports goods.

Nike has invested a lot of human and material resources in the development and research of new products, and its first air cushion technology has brought a revolution to the sports world.


  • Location: France
  • Website:
  • Year founded: 1976
  • Main product: Sportswear, Equipment, and various creative sports products
Decathlon Logo

Originally from France, Decathlon is the world’s largest sporting goods retailer.

For both beginners and professional sportsmen, Decathlon can provide sports apparel, equipment, and various creative sports products, and its model of controlling the whole industry chain makes its products have high-cost performance.

We all understand that the sports braces support only plays a certain protective role in sports, so we wear some protective gear in addition to sports competitions, try to master the formal technical movements, and strictly comply with the rules of the game. Well, this is all for today, I hope the above introduction can bring help you!



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