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Why play basketball and wear finger braces?

Playing basketball is easy to be injured, especially the joint parts, for not very professional basketball players, finger injuries are more common some, so many people will wear finger braces.
In addition, finger braces also help to grasp the ball, decorative role, is really a very useful sports protective equipment, so many people now play basketball will wear finger braces.
finger braces basketball

1. what is the role of playing basketball while wearing finger braces?

A Finger brace is a piece of fabric used to protect the finger joints, it is one of the necessary sports equipment for many basketball players, so what is the use of playing basketball wearing finger braces?

For basketball, the fingers are often moving parts, but also very easy to be injured, especially in professional basketball, often and basketball collision, the damage to the knuckles is quite large, and the athlete’s finger tendonitis chances are also very high, to protect it from sprains or accelerate healing, wear finger braces is one of the effective methods.

Finger braces mainly play a protective role in the finger joints, when the fingers are subjected to strong impact because the joints are limited to the bending amplitude, will not appear to shift, and so on, thus avoiding the occurrence of sprains, dislocations, fractures, tendon ruptures, contusion injuries of the five finger pokes; and put on finger braces, not easy because of sweating and slippery, in addition, now many finger braces are more beautiful, can also play a certain The role of decoration.

man playing basketball with finger support

2. Do basketball finger support work?


Wearing finger support when playing basketball is very useful, often watching basketball games friends will find that many basketball players are wearing finger support, mainly to play a protective role.

For us ordinary basketball players, because the sport is not so intense, the protective effect is not very obvious, but finger braces also help to grasp the role of the ball:

Generally on TV to see the basketball in the air when slow motion, the ball is rotating, high arc, and is beautiful and easy to score, that is because most basketball players have larger palms, fingers slightly longer than the average person, and the average person playing, because the palm of the hand is smaller, with finger support easier to grasp, hands are less prone to injury, even if the hands are sweaty will not slip.

man playing basketball with finger support 2

3. How to deal with finger poke during basketball?

When we play basketball, most of them are caused by too fierce impact and lead to finger poking. Of course, there is also a situation where the nails are too long, and when the nails are impacted, the fingers are depressed to suffer an unwarranted disaster.

When we play basketball, we remember to first deal with the nails, never too long, so easy to hurt others, and equally easy to hurt themselves. At the same time, before playing basketball, we have to do a good job of finger sports effect fully, the conditions can wear finger support.

Finger poke injuries that occur in basketball can be divided into sprains, dislocations, fractures, tendon ruptures, and contusions (skin splitting) depending on the degree.

In case of sprains, you need to apply a cold compress first, for two or three days, and start keeping it warm and massaging it at the same time. And in the case of dislocation, it is important to be able to tolerate the pain associated with the dislocation and allow the medical staff to straighten the finger back to its original position. If the finger suffers a serious injury, fracture, or tendon rupture, then you should not move around and go to the hospital immediately, as such a situation is not something that can be handled by an individual.



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