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What are the brace supports for frozen shoulders?

Long-term fatigue makes the shoulders vulnerable to damage.Whether it's writing or working from home often, because his entire arm, including his shoulders, is constantly moving, typing, or operating in front of the computer. If the posture is incorrect, many problems will arise over time.
Pink Shoulder Brace

Prevention of frozen shoulder

Pay attention to cold and warmth, correct bad posture, and pay attention to related diseases (such as diabetes, cervical spondylosis, shoulder, and upper limb injuries, thoracic surgery, and nervous system diseases).

Shoulder function exercise

1. Shrug your shoulders. Hands are naturally placed on both sides of the body, shoulders move up and down; hands and palms are down, shoulders rotate from back to front, and then from front to back, 30 times each time.

Shrug your shoulders

2. Stretch. Stand naturally, rotate the affected limb backward, pull the side hand or wrist, stretch 3-5 times, and hold for 10 seconds each time, 2 groups each time, 3 times each group.


3. Climb the wall side by side. Slowly climb up the wall with both hands or one hand, try to keep the upper limbs as high as possible for 5-10 seconds, then slowly return to the original place and repeat several times.

Climb the wall side by side

How to protect the shoulders

  1. The shoulders should be protected from cold and warmth to avoid the wind.
  2. Be happy and relaxed, and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.
  3. Correct bad posture, raise your chest, keep your back straight, and maintain the correct curvature to avoid the same posture for too long. It is recommended to adjust the posture within 1-2h.
  4. A healthy lifestyle, regular work and rest, and moderate physical exercise.

Which kind of shoulder braces are good

1. 3D knitting, three-dimensional weaving technique, high elasticity, breathable and moisture-wicking, comfortable to wear, fabric pressure is gradually reduced to disperse the shoulder load, easy to wear, more suitable for soft edges, easy to wear without compression, step-by-step pressure design, more comfortable to wear, relieve joint pressure.

Shoulder Brace 3

2. High-elastic and strong-pressure shoulder support disperse the pressure on the shoulders, improve the support of the shoulder joints, fit the all-around protection of the shoulders, reduce shoulder discomfort, prevent dislocation and sprains, and reduce shoulder discomfort. Wear clothes to keep warm.

Shoulder Brace 10

3. The double-fixed elastic is adjustable, and the underarm straps and arm buckles can be adjusted. According to personal needs, the tightness can be selected, and the buckle can be upgraded to be firm and firm. High-quality velcro, the adhesion is firm and not easy to be brushed. It is quickly breathable, absorbs sweat and dissipates heat, and effectively releases heat from the wrapped area to ensure dry skin.

Shoulder Brace 7


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