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What is the sports brace support?

In the daily sports exercise, always inevitably bump, such as broken feet, sprained wrists and so on, so we better wear some special sports brace support to protect, to avoid injuries in the process of sports. So what are sports brace support?
Based on my years of experience, I have compiled sports brace support types and sports brace support necessary for different sports, take a look.
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Human limbs sports brace support

  • Applicable sports: basketball, football, badminton and other ball sports, running, fitness, martial arts, etc.
  • Common brace support: shoulder braces, hand braces, back braces, elbow braces, wrist braces, waist braces, leg braces, knee braces, ankle braces, etc.
  • Main protective role: to prevent and avoid sprains and bruises on different parts of the human limbs.

Commonly used sports brace support recommended

1. Knee Braces

Knee braces are mostly used by ball players such as volleyball, basketball, and badminton, but are also often used by people who lift weights, work out, etc. Knee braces are better for fixing joints, reducing collisions and wear and tear on joints during sports, and also preventing damage to the epidermis when falling during sports.

How to choose a knee brace:

  • Generally, good quality knee braces are made of a soft material that is not hard to the touch;
  • For better breathability, you can choose a perforated, better breathable perspiration;
  • Pay attention to whether the design is reasonable, as the knee pads should be curved according to the curvature of our knees.
Knee Brace

2. Waist Braces

Most of the weightlifting, and throwing sportsmen used, some project athletes in doing a large load of strength training is often used, the use of waist brace can effectively play the role of support, fixed, so as to prevent waist sprain.

How to choose a waist brace:

  • The strength of the waist belt can be adjusted so as to correspond to the adjustment according to their own body type;
  • Belt width should be appropriate, and fit the lumbar curvature, in order to facilitate sitting or standing, or bending;
  • The fabric of the belt should be light and breathable, so as not to cause skin problems due to stifling heat and sweat.
Waist Brace

3. Ankle Braces

It is generally used more by sprinters and jumpers in track and field events. The use of an ankle brace can play a fixed protective role for the ankle joint to prevent ankle sprain; for athletes with an ankle injury, it can also effectively reduce the range of motion of the joints, reduce pain, and speed up recovery.

How to choose an ankle brace:

  • Elastic fabric ankle support, allowing full range of motion of the foot, suitable for daily sports protection;
  • Synthetic rubber ankle support, when the ankle joint needs extra warmth and mild compression;
  • Adjustable ankle brace with criss-cross elastic for injured and sore ankles.
Ankle Brace

4. Wrist Braces

Mostly used by volleyball, basketball, badminton, and other ball sports players. Wrist braces can effectively reduce the excessive flexion and extension of the wrist, especially in tennis, the ball speed is very fast, wear wrist braces can reduce the ball touch the moment the impact on the wrist, to protect the wrist.

How to choose a wrist brace:

  • There are two common types of wrist braces: towel wrist braces and bandage wrist braces. The towel wrist braces have a certain elasticity, mainly for sweat absorption and decoration, and are suitable for use by the general public;
  • Bandage-type wrist braces are less elastic, mainly to play a fixed role, and suitable for professional sports competition use.
Wrist Brace

5. Leg Braces

With good elasticity, wearing is comfortable and breathable and easy to put on and take off, mainly to protect the calf area from being strained or cramped, and suitable for wearing when riding, soccer, running, and other sports.

  • Selection to see the Leg braces compression, support effect is appropriate, as well as whether there is excellent scalability.
Knee Brace 6

6. Elbow Arm Braces

Elbow Braces:

A kind of protective gear used to protect the elbow joint, which can help us to reduce pain during sports, commonly used in badminton, basketball, volleyball, roller skating, rock climbing, and other sports. A good elbow brace should have good warmth and breathability and should fit the bending arc design of the protected area.

Elbow Brace 4

Arm Braces:

It is used to maintain arm temperature and muscle tightness, and can play a role in preventing muscle strains, generally often worn in basketball games, and running sports. A good sports arm brace should have the advantages of anti-stretch, comfortable to the touch, breathable sweat, elastic metal strip support, and auxiliary magic buckle fixed.

Elbow Brace 7

7. Shoulder Neck Braces

It can provide stability and protection to the tissues around the neck and shoulder joints and is suitable for strenuous confrontational sports, such as basketball, mountain climbing, and combat. A good shoulder brace should not only have strong ventilation and sweat permeability but also have good anti-slip properties and not be easy to shift and skew.

Shoulder Brace 7

Essential braces for different sports

Ball Sports

  • If you want to play basketball, wear a wrist brace, knee brace, or ankle brace these are fine; if you go to play football, in addition to knee brace, ankle brace, it is best to wear knee brace, because in football the shin is the most vulnerable part; and playing tennis, badminton, table tennis, most likely to hurt the wrist and elbow, so it is appropriate to wear elbow brace, wrist brace.
person playing basketball

Combat Sports

  • Boxing, sparring, taekwondo, and other combat sports belong to close confrontation, often in fierce confrontation is easy to be hit and injured, so you need to wear special protective equipment, commonly used helmets, armor, braces, gloves, target protection, etc.
woman in wrestling match

Fitness Exercise

  • Generally speaking, the daily fitness exercise is not too much and not too intense, it is possible not to wear sports brace support, but of course, some special projects, such as rallying, weightlifting, and other power exercises, easy to mo hurt the palm, it is best to wear palm protection, gloves appropriate.
man wearing knee braces in gym

Roller Skating

  • Play roller skating is best to wear a good helmet, elbow brace, knee brace, ankle brace, and a full set of protective gear, especially for beginners and children, because at first, the balance skills are not good to grasp, it is easy to fall down and fall.
Female roller skater wearing wrist braces

Other Sports

  • For running sports, you can wear patellar tendon compression straps, leg braces, knee braces, and the like to reduce the load on your legs; for hiking, you should wear ankle braces, knee braces, and waist braces, especially for older people; for extreme sports, you must wear professional brace support.
Cyclist wearing wrist brace


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