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What materials are available in the back brace support belt?

The back brace support belt product is designed and developed for people with hunched back and stooped walking caused by bad living habits.
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The unique design of the back brace belt allows people who use a back brace to prevent spinal deformation, prevent myopia from deepening and relieve limb fatigue. In addition, wearing a back support belt can also lift your chest, making you look more elegant and have an upright posture.

As a supplier in the brace support industry, having come into contact with countless materials and styles, I would like to tell you that:

The back brace support belt is generally used as a high light high elastic breathing mesh fabric thin, soft, comfortable, with elasticity and flexibility, with a unique one-piece molding production process. Increase the back, waist, and shoulders breathable network, moisture wicking, strong breathable, wear comfortable, not tight, protect the spine, and skin so that the body enjoys a more comfortable orthopedic process every day.

In this article, I will discuss with you the following points to pay attention to when using back support from the perspective of a supplier:

Does it work for hunchbacks?

Back brace support is useful for hunchbacks.

  • It is specially designed and developed for people with hunchback and walking stoop caused by bad life habits!
  • Specially designed to correct the posture of the unique design, can make the use of back belt people, can prevent spinal deformation, prevent myopia deepening, and relieve limb fatigue.
  • In addition, wearing back support can also lift your chest, making you look more temperamental and have a tall and straight posture.
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The role of back support

  • Preventing spinal deformation: It can effectively prevent non-pathological hunchback and spinal curvature, correct the bad posture of adolescents in the dynamic and static state, and help the body maintain the correct posture of sitting, standing, walking, and walking.
  • Prevent myopia: It can improve the close eye use caused by chest hunching, gradually restore the reasonable eye use distance, eliminate visual fatigue, correct pseudomyopia, and nip the formation of myopia in the bud.
  • Relieve muscle fatigue: It can make the muscles shoulder, back, waist, and abdomen balanced force, relieve muscle fatigue, protect the waist and back safety, make the posture maintain a natural upright, and present the best state of the body. It is suitable for all kinds of people who are engaged in long-term standing, sedentary ambulation, the same posture for too long, and other work caused by lumbar and back muscle fatigue, shoulder pain, and back pain.
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Applicable age

  • There is no age limit, any friend who needs it can choose back support products. Only by height, so children, teenagers, middle-aged and elderly people can use it.
  • It can be said that a back brace is mainly for hunchback and other spinal problems, so there is no direct relationship with age, its size is based on height and waist circumference.
  • Anyone who has problems such as hunchback caused by habit can try to use a back brace for correction, usually 2-4 months to correct it, to help restore a good posture.
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Back brace design

  • Waist support strip design. More strengthen the waist support, memory waist abdomen curve, support straight back.
  • Double Y cross lead belt. The use of double wing appearance design, both comfortable and beautiful with one, better protection for the collective, and make the correction posture more humane and more in place.
  • With protection buckle. Any direction at will paste, slim and smooth sticky hair sticky spurs, love clothes and skin damage firm and safe.
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Application method

  • Please choose the appropriate size according to the user’s height and waist circumference. After wearing, you should be able to feel the tension and pressure on the three stress surfaces of the front shoulder area, spine area, and waist and abdomen area, and should not be too tight or too loose.
  • When using it, it should be worn outside the underwear, the abdominal belt should be placed on the navel, and the sticky Velcro should be hooked and compacted to achieve the best tension.
  • Under normal circumstances, stick to wearing it for 2-4 months to develop a straight and fit posture, and stop using it after the body shape returns to normal.
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  • For first-time use, please start from 1-2 hours, and gradually extend the wearing time after adaptation, from a safety point of view should not be worn during sleep.
  • According to the customer’s height, and waist circumference chooses the appropriate spinal adjustment frame gear.
  • Two shoulder straps should be worn at the same time, and the length of the shoulder straps should be adjusted so that both shoulders share the weight of the backpack at the same time to maintain balance.
  • Fasten the belt, adjust the length of the belt and the position of the bottom of the bag, the position of the belt should be around the navel.
  • The belt should not be overly tight during use, and when worn for a long time, breathing will be affected, so please adjust the degree of elasticity appropriately.
  • Selection, should give full consideration to the fabric’s good stretch, and elasticity factors, the model that is too large will affect the effect of orthopedic function, and the model that is too small will feel discomfort and easy fatigue.
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Back brace maintenance

  • When washing, the water temperature should not exceed 30 ℃. Do not use detergents with strong alkaline.
  • Do not soak it in water for a long time or place it with water for a long time to avoid the aging of the fabric.
  • After washing, let it dry naturally, avoid exposure to the sun, and avoid scalding.
  • When not in use, please wash and dry it and place it in a clean and ventilated place.
  • In the process of use, try to avoid the contact between sticky wool and the fabric, to prevent the fabric from being ruffled, which will affect the use.

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